Gems For Goddess [GG] Luxury Collection 

Made by Goddess for Goddess

Timeless Unconventional Beauty

Superior Craftsmanship

“The art of bringing out the Goddess nature that already exists inside you.”

Gems For Goddess [GG] Luxury Collection 

“The art of bringing out the Goddess nature that already exists inside you.”

Sustainable Luxury Redefined

Our philosophy is that sustainability must be at the core of luxury. Therefore, we only use ethically sourced natural elements and eco-friendly materials to ensure the authenticity of our pieces. 

Inspired by the blue ocean, the green nature, the Sun and our Universe, each one of our GG designs has the Earth in mind. Meticulously handcrafted with pure solid copper and carefully selected natural gemstones & crystals, each creation has it own history, meaning and energy of years of formation in nature, enlivened by the finest artisan touch.

Timeless Harmony

Besides being completely hypoallergenic, pure copper is our sustainable metal choice as it can be 100% recycled without any loss in performance – and also because of the great history significance that copper plays to our human evolution.

For centuries, the combination of pure copper and natural crystals is widely known to bring together positive harmony energy of Mother Nature and long-term health benefits for the wearers. This is why, with this collection, more than just jewellery, we set out to create fine pieces that are truly good for your health, your soul and our Planet.

Discerning High-End Taste

Our GG collection proudly presents discerning clientele with the finest luxury artisan jewellery the world has to offer. Experience the sophisticated craftsmanship, unrivalled quality and exceptional elements, true genuineness and scarcity which only exists in things made with time and passion, by nature and human, on a small humane scale. 

Each GG piece is an unconventional choice – a clear statement for what you want to represent in your soul with remarkable attention to detail, away from the “mass”, the mediocre “fashion trends” and the “mainstream”. You will surely find something meaningful, exquisite, elegant, personal and valuable for you and your loved ones, as a perfect treat or gift especially on important life events like wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary.

Limited Edition

“An ode to women, to celebrate our sublime beauty, authenticity and audacity.”

Original & Extraordinary

Desirable & Daring

Delicate & Divine