Partner with us to bring your most proud creations to our valued customers. 

In the essence of our existence, Mesitus is building an ecosystem for talented independent makers, designers, artisans and artists to bring their creations and heartfelt messages closer to people who understand the importance of bringing nature into their lives and value high-quality handmade arts but can’t easily find them.

We are always on the look out for best local partners to empower these talents to do what they truly are passionate about and enrich our offerings to our discerning valued customers.

Instead of having to spend a fortune building your own online store or even a physical one or pay to list your products on crowded marketplace platforms and doing all kinds of social media/marketing work (which you might not be familiar with) to sell, it is completely free for your creations to gain market access and exposure to our dedicated audience, once you are selected as one of our partners.

Our brand removes the market barriers and builds a bridge between creators and customers for the so-often-undervalued handmade artistry, specifically in the crystal and gemstone niche, because we understand your hard work and value your arts.

Unlike suppliers of other industries, due to the craftsmanship and authenticity nature of your work, you are not at all required to have a certain “stock level”. We accept you even you only have 1 or 2 creations, as long as you are proud of them and we see they are a good fit for our collection.

Our brand’s dictionary does not include words like “mass” and “fashion”. What we are aiming at are more personal, intimate, humane, authentic, unique, meaningful, sophisticated and enduring than some superficial trends and tasteless mass-produced fashion and decor items. 

We promote quality and artisanal skills by supporting exceptional craft practitioners working with natural gemstones, crystals and minerals. If you believe in your creations and want to work with us, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at to have a little discussion about how we can work together.

Please make sure to include photos of your work and a short bio about yourself and your practice. Due to high volume of applications, we will only get back to you if we are interested in discussing further.