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Nature is Life. Life is Nature.

Nature is Life.

Life is Nature.

“Look deep into nature and then you’ll understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Mesitus is the combination of three words: meaningful, simple and eucalyptus. Our mission is to enrich your soul and your living space with the infinite touch of nature through simple yet meaningful designs and creations, so that you can discover the essence of your inner being while living in alignment with your values and beliefs and experiencing the beauty of nature and this precious life. Eucalyptus is courtesy of our founder’s most favourite plant.

Mesitus also has double meanings. Mesitus in Greek means the messenger, someone who carries messages from one person to another, and we represent the same thing. We bring unique beautiful handmade creations from best local independent makers, designers, artisansand artists to our discerning customers. Everything is passionately made with love and care from personally selected high quality natural elements and eco-friendly materials.

The messenger meaning in Mesitus also implies a message from the universe to remind you that, in this modern hectic life, it is vital to take time out to slow down, unwind, come back and connect with nature – with our roots – to reflect, relax, recuperate and revive yourself, because you are precious and worthy, you yourself are a kind of a magical gem already and thus, always deserve the best.


Our brand’s dictionary does not include words like “mass”, “trend” or “fashion”. What we are aiming at are more personal, intimate, humane, authentic, unique, meaningful, sophisticated, remarkable, sustainable and enduring than some superficial trends and tasteless mass-produced furniture and decor items. Each of our handcrafted design is a timeless piece of arts that does not simply accessorise but also meaningfully represents and enriches your soul and home.


When you truly treasure your designs and brand values, you inevitably feel responsible for the impact on humanities and environment throughout the life of every creation. That’s why we are committed to only selecting exceptional work made from ethically sourced, natural sustainable sources and environmentally-friendly materials. All of our products are 100% recyclable. When it comes to the end of its useful life, please remember to take it to a recycling centre.

With every purchase, we also help our customers make a difference by donating a portion of our net profits to causes that help protect our planet Earth, raise mental health awareness and improve the quality of human lives around the world. 

Do you also identify with our meaning and purpose?

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